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Lecture 10

ECON BC 2075y Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Equal Opportunity, Justice As Fairness, Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

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ECON BC 2075y
Belinda Archibong

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Rawls Theory of Justice Part III
Read: Rawls Theory of Justice: Section 1-4, 10-14
Equal Opportunity and personal responsibility
Rawls Two Principle
Difference Principle
Criticisms of Rawls
Equal Opportunity & Personal Responsibility
Book “Lean In” → Gender Inequality
How do we solve gender gap in executive positions, wage gap, how do we
encourage more women to take on executive positions in corporate world
Step 1→ be more active in your career
Assuming men and women have fair and equal opportunities
A & B did same things→ promotion
Perfect competition
Is it fair? Ex. SAT
Different talents and different environments
Equal opportunity sounds great but very hard to implement
“Free markets’ and ‘equal opportunity’
Health care issue
Trump vops to kill Obamacare, Clinton wants to ‘fix it’
Will the problem fix itself with no government intervention?
Subsidies? Segment of population would not be able to afford health care
Having insurance companies doesn’t mean that people will have equal
opportunity to have access to it
Equal Opportunity & Personal Responsibility
What is equal opportunity?
Personal responsibility and equal opportunity - the interview example and Clinton’s 1996
If equal opportunity, inequality then justified/just?
Combination of environment and talent cause different outcomes under equal
Limits to which policy can improve well being
Fairness→ inequality
Cannot achieve fairness, but great to work towards equity (egalitarian viewpoint)
Rawls Two Principles of Justice
From original position/behind the veil of ignorance, 2 principles we’d agree on
Especially w/ aim that they ensure a stable society over time
1-Equal Liberty
Each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive total system of equal
basic liberties compatible w/ a similar liberty for others
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