THEA 1314 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Konstantin Stanislavski, Vocal Range, Me Too Movement

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22 Feb 2020
The Actor's Craft
The Actor's Tools
Their voice
o Projection - volume that can be heard by the entire audience while still having multiple
o Articulation - ability to be understood
o Vocal range - variety of expressions
o Characterization - how a character is created through your voice
Their body
o Good nonverbal communication depends on it
o Posture
o Movement
o Characterization
Their mind
o Analysis - determine what character's motivation is
o Creativity & Imagination
o Interpretation - fits with the director's vision and is distinct from other plays or roles
20th Century Acting
Konstantin Stanislavsky - "system" encouraged equal parts mind and body
o Censored by Soviets
o Exported by Americans - the Group Theatre, who mistranslate him because they did not
speak his native language
Stella Adler
o Stanislavsky system but imagination based
Lee Strasberg
o Emotional memory
o Turns into the "method"
o Usually privileges the mind over the body
Problematizing Acting
o Fewer opportunities for actors of color
o Stereotypes
o Subservient roles
o Fewer stories and voices
Gender / Sexism
o Fewer opportunities
o Stereotypes
o Roles related to romance and men
o Fewer stories and voices
o #MeToo event
o Musical theatre
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