1-24-14 Notes - The Odyssey

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University of California - Berkeley
Seth Schien

Papers are due: Friday, Feb 21 (in lecture) 3-4 page paper Approx. 15% rd Wednesday, Apr 23 (in lecture) 6-8 page paper Comparative piece Approx. 30% Participation 25% 2 absences max. Final 30% • Why telling a story might be more effective than giving a scientific account in trying to give meaning to life as it is experienced by the writer and his age (his time) and his audience o Most poetry was performed  Homeric and Hesiodic poetry is spoken word not sung  Connected to lyre (chords) o Audience  The effect of performance on an audience or even of a text on reader as that’s different from scientific proof, it seems to be that the one thing certain is that the story as told in performance could evoke empathy and therefore you can become engaged emotionally or psychologically  Because we can be engaged by narrative & form attachments to characters, we can want it to end in a certain way and therefor more of a chance to experience meaning under those circumstances • That’s why mythology is so effective – it engages us and makes us care  We shouldn’t think of an audience to Homer as being uniform (age, gender, class? etc) • Multiple audiences that make multiple appeals o EX. Telemachos develops and changes in the course of the poem. Young people (Telemachos’s age) have a different response to him.  Differences between the audiences in the poem. • Inner audience – audience
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