CS61A Lecture 14: Mutable Data

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Computer Science
De Nero

Mutable Functions: A function with behavior that varies over time Ex: Bank account withdrawal, non-pure function Each time output is different where is balance stored? Higher order functions Non-local assignment def make_withdraw(balance): """Return a withdraw function with a starting balance.""" def withdraw(amount): nonlocal balance if amount > balance: return 'Insufficient funds' balance = balance - amount return balance return withdraw Declare name nonlocal at top of the function in which it is re-assigned Bind name to nonlocal name Nonlocal Assignment nonlocal Effects: Future assignments to name change its pre-existing binding in first non-local frame of current environment in which name is bound Names listed in nonlocal statement must refer to pre-existing bindings in enclosing scope Names listed in nonlocal statement must not collide with pre-existing bindings in local scope Python Particulars Python precomputes which frame contains each name before executing body of a function All instances must refer to same frame in body of function Mutable Values &
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