ENGLISH 180A Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Hearing Aid, Lip Reading, Shoplifting

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7 Feb 2017

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Class #7
Mean Little deaf Queer, Part II
External conflict (views society as
Earnestly lacks irony
She sees self as a liaison between
worlds (deaf and hearing)
Dealing with internal conflict/stigma
Denial of her identity especially
Uses humor, irony, and perspective
1) Personal History
a) Germany father is a spy
i) View this as “us versus them” through countries
ii) “Scare” is a medium in which this carries out
b) Loss of hearing (p. 26)
i) Her body is the “them” that is against her
2) Multiple Identities
a) “Little d” deaf in which she does not feel like she fits the Deaf community
b) Queer in which she is conflicted as a child
c) Mean recurring
i) As adult and child
3) Her “Mean” Identity
a) Bullying scene
i) Triangular effect of recognition complex
ii) Empathy of victimization
iii) “Aha” moment reconstructed
(1) gap between narrator and narrated self
b) Camp scene
i) Hierarchy of disability sees self as not “disabled” enough and better than others
(1) Fake drowning attention
(2) Sabotage and deceit (p. 57)
(a) Disability as manipulation?
(b) Prefigures of an acting career
4) Passing
a) Passing as hearing through covering her hearing aids and lip reading
b) Passing as straight because of homophobia
i) Passing through drag?
(1) Both are performances either way
(2) Drag = element of exaggeration
5) Opposite of Passing (taking advantage of stereotypes)
a) Disability and drag combined
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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