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GEOG 130
Nicole C.List

GEOG 130 (5/28) Geography 130: Food and the Environment The Toxic Truth About Sugar ● Key Points ○ Sugar is alike alcohol w/ potential to abuse and is much more accessible ○ Unavoidable ○ Toxicity ○ Negative impact on society → potent in high numbers ○ Additive, not “necessary” does affect taxpayers ○ Costs more to be healthy! Preference in eating cheaper, less healthy foods ○ School education vs. power of advertisements & family ● Regulate? How? ○ Yes, there are a lot of potential for abuse & indoctrination by companies = poses large health risk = affects state healthcare & taxpayers ○ Because it is the choice of the consumer ■ Tax consumers buying unhealthy foods ■ Add tariffs to the importation and production of unhealthy foods ■ Limit age to buy foods with a certain amount of fats/sugars in it ■ School programs to educate children ● Should the businesses or the USDA be the one to regulate? Businesses will just “pretend” to be changing while finding cheaper substitutes and not actually altering business practices ○ Problem of low income families that need food that is cheap, easy, fast, and lasts ○ Culture ■ Culture of corporation incentives = eliminate government subsidies to farmers (farm bill) to force farmers into growing other options ● Are other options viable? ● Subsidies to agriculture to produce others ○ Means of production? ■ Corporate social responsibility without hurting small businesses Malthus (pre-industrial) & ‘The Dismal Science’ (economics: population grows exponentially, out-growing food that grows linearly) ● Principle of population ● ‘Redundant population’ Perfectibility of mankind: improve (enlightenment) or oscillate between good/bad (illusion of perfectibility)? ● Creation of 2 postulata ○ 1) Food necessary to existence ○ 2) Passion between sexes necessary ● Constantly opposing forces ○ Natural abundance (abundance that goes unrealized): biological
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