M E STU 10 Lecture 6: Muslims and Jews in Palestine

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University of California - Berkeley
Middle Eastern Studies
M E STU 10
Mahmood Monshipouri

M E STU 10 Lecture 6 Muslims and Jews in Palestine Similarities of Muslims and Jews Abrahamic religions Both were persecuted Value of education Historical attachment of lands Both struggling to maintain identity with the other Differences Druze, Bahai, and Samaritans are sometimes considered Abrahamic religions as well as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism At the end of WWI, Jews were mostly socialists and eager to contribute to a Zionist society Introducing communism into Palestine was the antithesis of Arab culture Most Jewish migrants were Polish Britain British White Paper declared that Britain didnt think that Palestine as a whole should be converted into a Jewish National Home but such a home should be founded in Palestine British were ambiguous because they were hesitant Pillars of Zionism Jewish immigration Acquisition of land land transfer Palestine Problem Many Arabs were absentee landowners in Palestine Arabs sold land to Zionists for economics reasons Jews bought land without tenant, kicking out Arabs Peel Condition: Palestine should be divided into three zones: Arab, Jewish, and neutral Arabs opposed Zionist response was mixed 1939 White Paper put on more restrictions on Jews because Fear of Italian control of red sea WWII began Palestine was a major way station Zionism Political Zionism started in Russia Leon Pinsker: national identity rather than religion Did not say Jewish state should be in Palestine Theodor Herzl converted Zionism into international movement, he wrote The Jewish State in 1896 For him, the Jewish question was not religious but political He made it theory The first Zionist Congress, Basel 1896 looked for a home in Palestine Chaim Weizmann kept the question of Zionism before the British Cabinet British motives: to keep both Russia and US interested in the war because of their influential Jewish minorities UN
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