SOCIOL 3AC Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Eric Klinenberg, Pierre Bourdieu, Social Capital

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6 Feb 2017

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Lecture 10
Sociology of the Family
Family is a core institution in all societies
BUT families vary by time and place
Multigenerational households
Arranges marriages
Patrilocal families
Nuclear families
How the American Family has changed since 1950s
Cultural: change in values, gender norms
Economic: decline in stable middle-class jobs
Fluidity, time-bind, changing childhood
Class matters more?
Eric Klinenberg
Arlie Hoschchild, "The Second Shift" "Time-Bind"
Time-Bind: children's time was different than the parents, children always need more time for things.
Parents have to be quick and efficient. Time pressure binds everyone.
Sociology of Education: What are the major functions of schooling?
Preparation for work
o Paul Willis (1977) Learning to Labor
o Randal Collings (1979) The Credential Society: Historical Sociology of Education and
o Pierre Bourdieu (1996) State Nobility
Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002)
Habitus, capital, fields
Forms of capital: Economic, social, symbolic
How inequalities are reproduced
The role of education in legitimizing modern stratification
Lareau 2002 "Invisible Inequality" (Later Unequal Childhoods: Class, Race and Family Life, 2003)
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