EIEC 1110 Lecture 1: Untitled document (5)

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child development =field of study in which researchers from all areas come together to
understand children
*everyone helps have a stake in child development
Physical development
-growth in strength, size, muscle development
Cognitive Development
-how you look and perceive things- communicating and world process
Socioemontional development
-changes in how children interact with others and manages their emotions
Biopsychocial development
-development influenced by interaction of various factors;
General themes
Nature and nurture- the biological and environmental forces that govern development
The role of neuroscience- the study of the structure and function of the brain and nerve system
Diversity and Multiculturalism- investigating how cultures and cultural values impact society
Positivity development and resilience- increasing research in positive psychology
Theories of child Development
Researchers gather observations and facts about children
Researches develop theres to organize facts
Theory- an explanation of how facts fit together
—why are they useful?
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