PSYC 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Cataplexy, Narcolepsy, Insomnia

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16 Nov 2017
Consciousness- Subjective experience of one’s self and one’s world
Altered states of consciousness- being less than fully alert and aware of the
present circumstances (daydreaming/sleep).
Circadian Rhythm = changes in biological processes that occur on a daily basis
Cyclical, approximately every 24 hours
Disruptions may increase risk for: injuries; fatal accidents; health problems
Hypothesis of sleep: purpose of sleep
Neutral rest & Restoration; Memory Formation & Storage; Physical rest; Complex
Thinking; Conservation of Energy
7-10 hours/night = average
Short term deprivation: Mild Depression; Difficulty with attention & Learning;
Impaired problem solving; Slowed reaction times
Goes beyond 4 days- Confusion; Visual & Auditory Hallucinations
4 stages of Sleep: 3 non-REM stages; 1 REM stage
Stage 1: 5-10 minutes of light sleep as brain “powers down” by over 50%. Theta
waves: 4-7 times/second (vs. Beta waves when alert: 12-13 times/second)
Hypnagogic Imagery- Scrambled., dream-like images
Myoclonic Jerks- Limbs move abruptly, as if startled
Stage 2: 65% of total sleep time- Heart rare slows, body temp falls, muscles
relax; Sleep spindles: 12-14 cycles/second
Stage 3 & 4: Deep Sleep that’s necessary to feel rested (Delta waves 1-2
waves/second) Children spend most of their sleep here to stimulate growth hormones
Stage 5: 10-20 minutes increments, up to 30 minutes as sleep goes on; lots of
dreaming; REM (Rapid Eye Movement); Paradoxical sleep “hyped”; Waves similar to
Sleep Disorders:
Insomnia: Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep (Stress, biological)
Narcolepsy: Rapid, unexpected bouts of sleep; strong emotion can cause
cataplexy (Most go to REM sleep right away) CATAPLEXY-awake but almost paralyzed
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