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Lecture 20

HIST 380B Lecture 20: April 19th lecture baseball

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Daniel J.Pearson

th April 19 , 2017 Lecture 19472000: Latin America and Asia 1890s1930s:1950s NeoColonialism US companies use hard power (business ties to governments) to incentivize Latin governments into allowing them monopolies. United Fruit Company sells bananas from Caribbean due to cheep prices. US diet in 1890s has bananas. Governments allow abuses by companies as long as it meant stability. By the 1950s, United Fruit owned a fleet of ships, telephone polls, and other infrastructure. The term banana republic was termed as the regions in Latin America flared up with anti American, anticapitalism, anticolonialism, and prosocialist groups rebelled against the republics that had been propped up by US businessmen . The Coming: Alex Pompez signs with the NY Giants as a scout. Alexs father was a Cuban rebel who knew not only jose marti, but feld to florida and was elected to the states house of representatives. Pompez sends a scouting report on a man named fidel castro. Joe Cambria is a scout for senators and twins and signs numerous Cuban players until 1960s. He was a negro leagues owner and owner of havanna Cubans whose team briefly allowed a newly installed fidel castro to play a game. The Puerto Rican Model: Puerto Rico until 1980s was the most stable and did provide Roberto Clemente to MLB. New regulations on signing Puerto Ricans to baseball as the years drag on and the introduction of a Puerto rican draft in 1982: the same constraints of Canada forces us to look elsewhere. The Dominican Model: Baseball academies teach venuzelian, Columbian, domincans, and panmanians, etc teah young boys at the age 13 how to play ball Buscones are predominantly men look for prospects and train them in exchange for sharing profits. While many are honest brokers, but they ave been known to inject players with steroids, abusing players, forging documents, and other illegal or unethical methods 2012 Sandy Alderson was sent by MLB to factfind on buscones. Amid protests in latin American against MLB, collective agreements were set to end system but alderson went to the mets and the agreement fell. The Cuban Model: Cuba puts in amateur leagues in the country and dismantles major leagues after Cuban embargo. Castro ends reserve clause as it remind smany of the US capitalist system linked to colonialism. INDER is the cuban communist system of recreational sports. INDER educates a select few
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