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Lecture 11

PLSC 389E Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Gender Empowerment Measure, Glass Ceiling, Gender EqualityPremium

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Political Science
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Yoonkyung Lee

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4/5 Lecture
Madam President and Neoliberal Korea
Gender equality
pay equity:
korea: .60-65 per dollar
US: .80 per dollar
Gender Equality as a Political Cleavage
one of the important cleavages in Korea, between progressive and resistant.
Gender and Intersectionality
have to understand how complex these dierent types of heritages can be: the intersections of
dierent bias and gender bias
Equality in Opportunity and access
Equality in status, power, authority
1987: Equal Employment Opportunity Act
1997: Family Violence Prevention Act
2000: 30% Quota for nomination of women for public oce
De sure equality versus de facto equality
Many improvements one gal stipulations and in the public sector
Major challenges:
glass ceiling
violence against women
married women
How do we know the degree of gender equality?
where would you start research?
empirical evidence on pay equity, employment rate, level of education
two indexes by UNDP:
Gender-Related Development Index
include: life expectancy, literacy rate, school enrollment rate, income ratio
whether or not there is same access to basic health services,
education, opportunity, etc
Gender Empowerment Measure
women in important political positions
Global Gender Gap Index
Economic inequality
labor market participation:
men: 73.1%
women: 49.2%
60% of men’s wages
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