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Lecture 5

MATH 141 Lecture 5: Statistics 9/20/2016

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MATH - Mathematics
MATH 141

Statistics 9/20/2016 Probability  The probability is a measurement of the chance  The probability is a number between 0 and 1, corresponding to 0% and 100% Definitions  Experiment – A process (game) that lead to an outcome as observation that cannot be predicted. (i.e. random outcome)  Sample Point – The most basic outcomes of an experiment. The sample points MUST be mutually exclusive from each other.  Sample Space – The collection of all possible sample points.  Event – A specific collection of sample points which have a common property. An event can be a subset of the sample space. The sample is also an event. o Impossible event – The event that won’t happen ever. This will be an empty set that contains no sample points. o Certain Event – The event that will happen for sure. The sample space is a certain event. Notation  Events: Capital letters such as A, B, C… o A = {Event description}  Probability: P o P(A) = Probability / chance that A will happen  Impossible Event:  Phi (Fee)  Sample Space – S  P() = 0, and P(S) = 1 Properties of the Probability  The probability is a number
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