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Boston University
CAS AN 102
Matt Cartmill

"Modern" Humans Wednesday, April 24, 2013 10:10 AM Where exactly is there a line between old and new? There are a lot of leftover traits that are spaced out throughout the fossils: Occipital bun Heavy browridges Mostly head features It looks like the migrating humans Punctuated evolution? interbreed with Neanderthals as the Divergent time was very short, but it's still possible humans moved out of africa (but Genetic assimilation? afircans did not with Neanderthals) Evidence from modern migration patterns Were neaderthals a separate biological species (that therefore couldn't breed and thus assimilate) This means that Neanderthals were In europe there was a sharp speciation type break able to mate and were the same Still, moderns have shared features species. That means that they probably In asia the timeline is less sharp, involving pushing back and forth occupation of the area could talk as well and that there was no speciation event outside of Mitochondrial eve Southeastern Asia Can we use that kind of DNA evidence to show exact outmigration and speciation times? Liang Bua Evidence in symbolic culture Fossils in the area are tiny, Completely lacking in Neanderthal populations
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