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Lecture 18

CAS BI 213 Lecture 18: Genetics - Lecture 18 - Chapter 10/Yeast

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Boston University
CAS BI 213
Frank Naya

Lecture 18 41317 (Chapter 10Yeast) Chapter 10 (cont) o Homologs o genes that are related in sequence paralogs sequences that are arose in parallel within a species following gene duplication orthologs sequences in two different species that arose in a common ancestor to both species o look at PPT slides for example paralog: worm gene > related worm gene ortholog: worm gene > related drosophila gene Cell Fate Determination Yeast Mating Type Switching o Introduction of Lifecycle o 4 haploid spores (2A and 2) germination to respective A and alpha cells o haploid cells can mate and lead to diploid A and cells o if starved loss of nitrogen > trigger A to lead to meiosis and sporulation o strains in the wild are primarily homothallic can interconvert between a and mating type depends upon having HO+ protein (need HO+ gene) o strains in the laboratory are heterothallic do not interconvert blocks HO protein o HO+ is key in controlling mating types o MAT and MATA Locus o (MAT): 1427 bp (2) 747 bp (Y) (1) 327 bp has two transcripts 2 and 1 cell is alpha if MAT is active o (MATa): 1427 bp 642 bp (Ya) 327 bp has a1 transcript cell is a if MATa is active o MAT, HML and HMRa o found on chromosome III left: HML homologous to mat left carries specific MAT right of centromere middle: MAPa locus right: HMRa homologous to mat right found at the telomeres caries a specific MAT o HML MAT (a) HMRa
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