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Lecture 19

CAS CL 101 Lecture 19: Lecture 19-20

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Classical Studies
CAS CL 101
Stephen Esposito

Lecture 19 I. Throwness & not-at-homeness vs. rage for order/drive for knowledge II. Polis, psyche, body A. Sparagmos, “tearing apart” B. The palace has fallen C. Mental sparagmos (His curiosity killed him) D. Physical sparagmos III. Bacchae shows the struggle of Pentheus dealing w/ Dionysus A. We all deal w/ Dionysus too B. Rite of passage C. Cannot be learnt IV. Life force (95% Dionysus; 5% Apollo) V. Athenians knew they had to have Dionysus in the heart of the city (Theater of Dionysus) VI. Eros only appears once at the turning point of the play (813-819) & it drives Pentheus to death Lecture 20: Lord of the Flies I. Locations A. Island 1. South pacific 2. If war broke out, British children were supposed to be evacuated to Australia B. Jungle 1. Very hot 2. Where the book starts; Ralph is trying
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