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Media Influence

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Tammy Vigil

Media Influence Updated Oct 17, 2013 The Internet Era & Media Literacy The Internet • Roots in research on connecting military communication systems across the country • 1968 ARPANET launched; 1971 ARPANET connected 15 sites • 1978 the International Packet Switched Service (APSS) connected 4 continents • 1991 the World Wide Web project launched publicly • 2013-39% of the world population accesses the internet Top 10 Nations: Internet Penetration Why does access matter? • Information is Power • Equality of Opportunity? • Assumptions of Access What does access mean? • Who creates, consumes, and critiques messages? Media Literacy • Intelligently consuming media is like reading- it is an acquired skill that must be taught, takes practice, and can enhance the media experience • media literacy empowers the audience member to be more savvy critical consumers rather than passive "dupes" Media Literacy: The Textbook Principles • Media materials are constructed 1 every element of an ad is there for a purpose • Media materials are created and distributed within a commercial env
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