COM CM 481 Lecture 13: Physical and Emotional Harm

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Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations
COM CM 481

Physical and Emotional Harm Wednesday, March 22, 2017 7:27 AM Violent Videogames violent actions Correlation not causation California bill of violation with the argument that violence is obscenity so its not protected by the first amendment Brown vs. entertainment merchant association The law was struck down, because its not obscenity, and the court was not ready to carve out another complete exception to the first amendment No proof that games cause violent thoughts and actions in children Video games are a form of speech, which means the first amendment includes them Advertising Advertisements that cause liability for physical harm, the 1st amendment doesnt apply Under the commercial speech For unlawful activity that takes them outside of the 1st amendment Iman Somebody used his add to hire someone to kill someone else (and was successful) Ordinary negligence or tort law, the court applied a test which attempts to reduce the duty of do care to mathematical formul BPL BPL liability terms on weather the burden of adequate proportions is lessgreater than the probability of harm multiplied by the gravity of the harm If its greater then youre not liable, if its less then youre liable If you could make your cars safer by adding 10000 dollars to the manufacturing cost, the odds are the will not hold you liable for doing it Similar to the 1st amendment test, made by the same person Gives the illusion of mathematical correctness that does not exist Theyre found not liable Broan fact he killed his wife in front of his mother Soldier Function mag Internet
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