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Political Science
CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

WEEK THREE & FOUR: ELECTIONS 1 Elections: - Away for a society to listen, decide, make up their minds and vote. - We have the hope that the ideal citizen will be open minded, listen and vote. - However, the reality is not that. Registration Procedures: - The current controversy- ballot integrity versus voter suppression. - History of voting requirements: how they XV amendment was made worthless. Despite all the fuss and sacrifice people made about voting. -Surveys show that decent # of people voted, (PEOPLE LIE) -When looking strictly at ballots – the numbers are LOW. -People today do not take advantage of their voting rights. FACT: The turnout in mid-term elections is substantially lower than presidential elections. Why don’t people vote? -It’s a hassle; registration is a hassle…. Voting is a hassle, there are long lines and weird hours. -In the UK voting is made way easier, a ballot comes to people and the household fills it out and is continued to be sent until it is filled out -In big states people feel as if their vote will not make a difference b/c California for example will always swing liberal. -People don’t invest enough time to even follow politics. -Dislike both candidates -Dead, felons or inmates -Time zones play a HUGE role. (Pres. already picked by the time you vote in Hawaii) * Voting stats do not take into account deaths nor felons/current prisoners. ▯ (Charts are never 100% accurate) * The higher your socio economic stat
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