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Political Science
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CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

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Party identification • You are socialized early in life towards a political party o Enduring commitment • Shapes how you see the political world o Weapons of mass destruction­ took Republicans a lot longer to accept that  we didn’t find any • Sports team analogy • Generally upward trend in Independents o Seen as intelligent, open minded o Most democracies are seeing less party association­ more fluidity o Still, people lean one way or another  Leaners vote Democrat/Republican as consistently as proclaimed  Democrats/Republicans  Doesn’t really change political behavior Short term factors • Candidates o Gaffes, who would you rather have a beer with, performance  47% video, etc • “issues” of the day o very often, differences are blurred and the public doesn’t really understand  what’s going on o retrospective voting: up or down vote on how the incumbent party did • fundraising  o millions of dollars spend even on low contest seats o spent on:  majority to media  some administrative costs, salaries, fundraising  polling o capital intensive campaigning vs. labor intensive campaigning  you used to need volunteers, meetings, speeches • think Lincoln­Douglass debates  now
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