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Political Science
CAS PO 141
Graham Wilson

September 10, 2013 The Constitution • often a lot of ambiguity and often things done that are not mentioned in constitution • relatively short document as constitutions go • ALittle European History o since 1787 France has had  3 monarchies  two empires  5 republics o some of the European countries that did not exist when the constitution was adopted: Italy, Germany, Belgium o what’s the point…constitution is  very old  very successful • Goals of Writers of the Constitution o a more effective national government to be capable of dealing with international and domestic challenges  some scholars emphasize the fear that the national govt was not strong enough to maintain law and order • shay’s rebellion, tax revolts  other scholars emphasize the importance of national relations • national govt would have more power and would survive better than what they had  not strong enough to stand against foreign opposition o something that could get adopted o a constitution that would not create tyranny • had to deal with political realities o didn’t start with USAand then get to divide up but rather with colonies that were used to having own legislatures and governing themselves  self-independent because it wasn’t like taking over a territory  needed to keep in mind all the characteristics of each state as small as RH and as big as MA • needed to get constitution adopted by all o results in all sorts of compromise  composition of congress • populous states would be happy with HOR because would have more representation o including that of slaves 1 September 10, 2013 • small states would be happy with senate because no matter what size everyone would have equal representation • the federalist papers o written to say to people to adopt the new constitution,
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