FA 30b Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Florence Cathedral, Ancient Roman Architecture, Republic Of Florence

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Power struggle between Florentine Republic and Milan who was ruled by a tyrant
Rivals in the beginning of the 15th century
Looked to ancient greece and rome for the structure of being a republic
Viewed themselves as a virtuous republican state
Classical pedigree for their government influenced the art produced there
Florence becomes the city we know today was created mostly in the 1400s
Florence Cathedral
Florentine Baptistery
Early Italian Renaissance Art 1400-1500
Revival and Re-use of classical antiquity equivalent of humanism in the arts
Spatial Logic in architecture, relief sculpture and painting
Increasing naturalism in painting and sculpture
Enhanced status of arts as liberal arts, incorporating aspects of geometry, rhetoric
and drama
Rise in the status of artist, and recognition of distinct personal styles
Florence Cathedral
Completed in the 1400s
Completion as envisioned in Andrea da Firenze’s Way of Salvation
Over the course of the 1400s the cathedral is adorned with marble, the bell tower
is built, and the dimensions of the cathedral increased
The interior is a tempered italian gothic
Nave of Amiens 1260
Upward linear surge, and lofty arches
As much of the wall space is possible is given to windows in older
Horizontal cornus instead of flying buttresses
Small Oculus Windows
They liked the opportunity to have flat wall space
The diameter was almost equivalent to the pantheon in Rome
And no one knew how to put a dome of this size on the cathedral
Brunelleschi’s Cupola
Brunelleschi designs a solution to the dome of the cathedral
Octagonal Vault was designed
He studied the pantheon to figure this out, and although his solution is
different, he learned lessons about architecture
He proposes a double shelled dome, with a hollow space in between which
allows a grid of support to be put in
Another challenge Brunelleschi faced was how do we support the vault as
it is constructed
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