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Lecture 19

HIST 80B Lecture 19: Post-War Korea Lecture Notes

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Brandeis University
James Heyward

Post-War Korea Lecture North Korea Kim Il Sung was known for maintaining control over his image and representation, especially depictions with his family. Juche Ideology focuses on self-sufficiency to a radical extent (aka Autarky). Under this ideology, the government saw their country as one without allies, only enemies, and therefore they pursued extreme independence from the rest of the world. Along with this ideology, Kim Il Sungism came to dominate North Korean political philosophy, especially after Kim Il Sung’s death. The Songun Policy emphasized placing a focus on the military first and above all else. South Korea Park Chung Hee was installed as the new leader following the May 16 Coup (1961). Takagu Masao was the Japanese name of Park Chung Hee, prior to him becoming president. Initially he was very popular and upheld the results of elections, although he later became known as a divisive figured. He sought rapid urbanization and development by signing the Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea (1965), which resulted in aid from Japan, the United States, and other allies. In 1966, the Status of Forces Agreement was signed between the Republic of Korea and the United States, and promised the protection of the United States over South Korea in exchange for a degree of autonomy in the area of foreign policy. In response, the Republic of Korea sent suppor
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