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Lecture 7

AMST 35A Lecture 7: H: 7. Hollywood's Golden Year

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American Studies
Doherty Thomas

1939 - Hollywood’s Golden Year ● Dark victory ● Destry Rides Again ● Drums Along the Mohawk ● Gone With The Wind ● Goodbye, Mr. Chips ● Gunga Din ● The Hunchback of Notre Dame ● Intermezzo ● Love Affair ● Mr Smith Goes to Washington ● Ninotchka ● Only Angels have Wings ● The Roaring Twenties ● Stagecoach ● The Wizard of Oz ● The Women ● Running a studio is a difficult skill-task ● Special art business Gone With The Wind ● Buy the book for $50,000 ● Clark Gable (the only one who can play Butler) ● 2 year search for Scarlett ● Shooting schedule for over a year (the most expensive) ○ Shooting stars before finding a suitable actor to play Scarlett GWTW and the Auteur Theory ● The director infuses his own vision into his own film ● Film is a collaborative work (The Auteur Theory) ○ Director is only one piece in a film, others may include lighting, production team… ● GWTW proves the Auteur Theory ○ There are 4 directors: ■ Sam Wood ■ Victor Fleming: give the best piece of advice ■ King Vidor ■ George Cukor ● Gable felt Cukor was engulfed in a woman’s picture ● Gable didn’t want to work with Cukor because Cukor was gay (people in Hollywood know it, but the American don’t) ● The Aesthetic Qualities of GWTW - lighting, color, production design, costume design ○ William Cameron Menzies is responsible for the production design (background: watercolor sketches) ● The movie is 4 hour long because it needs to include every detail in the book as everyone has read the book and they cannot take away any scene easily GWTW and Feminism ● Classical Holly
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