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Lecture 20

ANTH 100 Lecture 20: Rituals and Symbols

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ANTH 100

Rituals and Symbols: Religion and Spirituality April 20, 2017 Religion • Set of beliefs and behaviors related to supernatural beings and forces • Helps people to make sense of the world meaning to existence, peace of mind, control Spirituality • Inner (or personal) experience of and search for the supernatural Sorcery= to injure a person by the secret use of harmful medicines or techniques 1) Placing a person’s hair/nail in an animal horn and putting the horn on the roof of their house 2) Putting poison into a person’s food or drink - In Nyoro thought both are supernatural - In Western thought, 1) is supernatural 2) is natural 1) Religious Stories - Myths stories about the supernatural, how things came to be Better to say…oral traditions= NOT FAKE! - Doctrine formal, written teachings about the religion 2) Religious Symbols - Symbols allow people to grasp complex and abstract ideas without theological knowledge - Example: Christian Communion (Wafer) 3) Supernatural Beings, Powers, Places - Exist apart from human beings God (Deity) - Present in half of world’s societies - Polytheism (many gods) - Monotheism (one god) Mana -South Pacific -Supernatural force in nature -people, animals, plants, objects -Manipulated through rituals and magic Khatam Quran -Temporary sacred space where women read Quran 4) Rituals - Ceremonial acts or gestures used in specific occas
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