HIST 131 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Ereshkigal, Inanna, Ninshubur

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28 Jan 2016
Meghan Arsenault
 
It seems a little unclear as to why Ereshkigal killed her sister Inanna.
We know that Inanna went to the underworld because Ereshkigal’s
husband had died. I believe that the reason for Inanna’s death was
because Ereshkigal was furious with her sister for not believing the
same beliefs that she did. The two sisters believed in the complete
opposite views of one another. Inanna tried to convince Ereshkigal that
her ways were correct, but Ereshkigal killed her instead of accepting
her sister.
  
The two creatures please Ereshkigal by signing with her as she is
complaining of pain. When Ereshkigal cried “My insides”, the creatures
responded by saying “your insides.”
In order for Inanna to live, someone among the living must take her
& & 
Inanna spares Ninshubur, Shara, and Lulal. She spares the three of
them because when the tree of them saw Inanna, they were willing to
take her place.
' ()%*+
Although Dumuzi is her husband, Inanna chooses him because unlike
the three others, Dumuzi does not throw himself in the dust at her feet.
Be remains seated in his thrown.
, -%-% ."/
 0 1% 
Samas told the serpent to )nd the spot where the wild bull was
and go inside. Eventually, the eagle, along with other birds,
would come to feast on the dead bull. When the timing was
right, the serpent is to jump out and grab the eagle by the wings
and clip them, causing the eagle to eventually die of hunger and
+ 01% 
Samas did not want to help the eagle because of what the eagle
had done. Instead, he sent Etana and go )nd the eagle and
maybe he would be able to help.
2 (34)
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