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Lecture 1

ENGL 303 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: The Tyger, The Chimney Sweeper, Victorian Era

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ENGL 303

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Thursday, September 14, 2017
English 303 W1D1 Lecture 1
Introduction to Transatlantic Romanticism!
-Transatlantic Romanticism!
balancing English and American approaches to literature !
romanticism is idealize!
-reaction against neoclassicism !
terminology !
-neoclassicism nature- human nature !
-romanticism nature- actual nature !
imagination and passion!
-evolved from chivalric romantics !
King Arthur !
-unrealistic and idealized !
opposition of realism !
opposition of reason !
-fight against the Great Change of Being !
not trying to be strictly rational !
-objective perception vs. subjective perception !
mirror vs. lamp!
-British Romanticism started in 1789-1842!
egalitarian !
empowering the everyday person !
-kicked o by French Revolution!
-American Romanticism 1828-1865!
-kicked o by presidency of Andrew Jackson!
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