ES 340 Lecture 2: Colonies & Zoot Suit

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24 Jan 2019
-1607: Establishment of Jamestown, first Anglo colony (German & British settlers)
-1620: Plymouth Rock, MA (Puritans)
-1630: Massachusetts Bay Colony; white, working class, uneducated, funded to bring
resources back to England (Puritan)
- First thing they did was pay off their charter so they could accumulate wealth for
- First governor, John Winthrop, “A Model of Christian Charity”, “city on a hill”
shining example for other colonies
- Printing press allows people to read bible at home and become literate
- Foundation of American imperialism, missions to spread Christianity
- Segmented Assimilation: Can become segments of “American” ideal but never be fully
- Military service seems to be fastest way to assimilate and characterizes
Mexican-American generation & assimilation (Henry Reyna)
- Felix Longoria - Dies at war & gets second best medal, when brought to
funeral home refuse to take his body and bury him in a White cemetery in
Texas, Hector Garcia begins to advocate for Felix and his wife & talks to
Lyndon B. Johnson (gov. of Texas at the time) and flies Felix’s body to
Washington D.C. to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery and
eventually awarded the medal he deserved
Zoot Suit:
- First Chicanx play
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