ES 340 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Teatro Campesino, Dolores Huerta, Corrido

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24 Jan 2019
- El Teatro Campesino (1965):
- Teamed up with Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to create AFC
- Took inspiration from the Catholic church and used “double standard” banners
with religious icons in the movement
- Brought theatre to the farm workers by having workers participate & doing it in
the area where they worked on the back of a truck with props he found/made
- He took the theatre to even the poorest of people
- Motivates workers to unionize
- Valdezian Style Theatre:
- Acto: One act meant to educate and agitate
- Mito: Myth/cultural myth
- In Lak’ Esh: Translates to “you are my other self”; if i do harm to you I do
harm to myself
- Corrido: Ballad, song that tells a story
- Zoot Suit premiered at the Marc Taper theatre in LA & sold out for 11 months straight
- Only Chicano play to go to Broadway, even though it flopped once it got there
- Allowed Chicano gang members to tell their own story and represent themselves
Rain God
-The historical context 1980’s Reagan in Presidency
Judgement day:
- Miguel Chico has abdominal surgery and almost dies
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