Comparative advantage, law of increasing opportunity cost

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Colorado State University
Agriculture + Resrce Econ
AREC 202
Christopher Goemans

31 August On a graph of income verses age, the y intercept is your income when you’re 0. The slope of a line at its maximum is 0. You have the comparative advantage over Bill Gates. You don’t have anything to lose by mowing lawns rather than making computer programs Bill Gates should only be making computer programs, you should only be mowing lawns. 2 people 2 goods → animals hunted / cheese Deserted island You have the comparative advantage against the other guy in animals killed. The other guy has the comparative advantage against you in cheese making. Deal: You spend 100% of your time on animals, he spends 100% of his time on cheese Trade 50 / 50 Questions for thought i.e. poss test ?s 1. What if the other guy had the absolute advantage in both goods? Trade still beneficial? 2. Could either individual have the comparative
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