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Lecture 1

ANEQ 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Phobia, Adduct

Animal Sciences
Course Code
ANEQ 105
Jennifer Nicole Martin

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ANEQ 105
Language of Anatomy
o Study of form, nature, and structures of tissues and organs of the body
and relationships between them.
Gross Anatomy
o Study of structures that can be visualized with unaided eye
Topographical Anatomy
o Relationship of one part of anatomy to other parts
o Median
o Sagittal Parallel to median
o Transverse
o Frontal
o Cranial
o Caudal
o Dorsal
o Ventral Belly
o Rostral
o Medial
o Lateral
o Proximal
o Distal
o Palmar Forelimb
o Planter Hind limb
o Superficial
o Deep
o Internal
o External
Body Movements
o Flexion
o Extension
o Abduct
o Adduct
o Rotation
o Circumduction
o Supination movement of limb so palmar/planter surface is rotated
o Pronation medial movement of palmar/planter side of paw so it
faces venterally
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