ANEQ 105 Lecture 4: Gastrointestinal (GI) Tract ANEQ 105

by bdrew
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Colorado State University
Animal Sciences
ANEQ 105
Jennifer Nicole Martin

GI Tract ANEQ 105 Functions o Ingestion Process of bringing food to mouth o Mechanical Processing Physical sixe reduction of food o Propulsion Movement of materials through the digestive tract o Digestion Chemical breakdown of ingested materials o Secretion o Absorption Removal of nutrients and other o Excretion Elimination of waste products o Immunity Barrier against pathogenic bacteria Oral Cavity o Hard Palette Rostral Bony portion Formed my palatine, maxillary and incisive bones o Soft Palette Caudal Divides pharynx into oral and nasal portions o Dental Pad o Frenulum Linguae Salivary Glands o Secrete saliva into mouth through salivary glands o Parotid Lies at base of ear o Mandibular Lies at the angle of the jaw o Sublingual Under the tongue Esophagus and Epiglottis o Epiglottis Flap of cartilage covering laryngeal opening o Esophagus Collapsible muscular tube Lies dorsal to the trachea Peristalsis esophageal contractions Internal Abdominal Structures o Omentum: Attaches stomach to body wall of other organs o Also known as caul fat
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