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Intervertebral discs, back muscles, functions of spinal cord

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 301
Mark Frasier

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14 September Intervertebral discs Unite adjacent vertebral bodies Nonsynovial ¼ height vertebral column is attributed to discs Made up of concentric rings – anulus fibrous Thicker anterior Jelly-like mass in center – nucleus pulposus Shock absorber Disc is supported anteriorally by thicker anulus fibrous, broader anterior longitudinal ligament; posteriorally by thinner anulus fibrous, thinner posterior longitudinal ligament Nucleus pulposus more likely to herniate posterior/lateral Can compress spinal nerve Disc rupture/herniated disk Nucleus is squeezed when picking things up using back Disc problems usually unilateral; back muscle problems usually both sides Disc injury most common at L4, L5; next most common is cervical region Disc injuries impact next lowest spinal nerve Herniation between L4 and L5 impacts L5 spinal nerve Back muscles Extrinsic Begin in back, end somewhere else Intrinsic Begin and end in back Extrinsics typically have action on upper limb Motor supply from ventral rami of spinal nn E.g. trapezius, latissimus dorsi, rhomboies Intrinsics – “true” back mm Motor supply from dorsal rami of spinal nn 3 layers – superficial, middle, & deep Actions: trunk movement, stabilize vertebral column Bilaterally symmetrical, paired Act together → single action If left/right contract independently → different action Superficial layer Splenius Deep to trapezius SP of thoracic ver
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