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Thorax, functions, boundaries, blood/nerve supply of the thoracic wall, thoracic cavity, airways, blood/nerve supply to lungs, serous membrane, respiration, rib movement, diaphragm

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

19 September Thorax Between neck and shoulders Inner thoracic cavity surrounded by thoracic wall Functions of thorax Protective Respiration Supportive (upper limbs) Attachment for muscles Any muscle that attaches to the thorax has the potential to affect respiration in some way Boundaries of thoracic wall Posterior – 12 thoracic vertebrae Posterior/lateral/anterior – 12 pair ribs Anterior – costal cartilage and sternum Inferior – diaphragm Superior – 1 rib, 1 thoracic vertebra, manubrium of sternum = thoracic outlet Blood supply of thoracic wall Internal thoracic arteries Arise from subclavian Leads to anterior intercostal arteries Anterior intercostal arteries Internal thoracic and anterior intercostal arteries are anterior arteries Thoracic aorta (portion of descending) Posterior intercostal arteries Thoracic aorta and posterior intercostal arteries are posterior arteries Anastomoses between anterior and posterior intercostal arteries Internal thoracic veins Anterior intercostal veins Drain into internal thoracic veins Posterior intercostal veins Drain into azygous vein Azygous vein (only one) Drains into superior vena cava Nerve supply of the thoracic wall Intercostal nerves These are thoracic spinal nerves Between ribs Run with anterior/posterior intercostal arteries/veins Thoracic Cavity Pulmonary cavities Left and right House lungs Mediastinum (media-sty-num) “Middle” Heart Esophagus Thymus gland Descending aorta Vagus nerve (10 cranial nerve) Vena cava Sympathetic chain Trachea Cross-sections on the VHD look from the feet up Airways Nose → nasal cavity → pharynx → trachea → splits into left and right primary bronchi → split into secondary (lobar) bronchi (3 on right, 2 on l
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