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Coronary arteries, venous return from heart, placenta, fetal circulation changes

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Colorado State University
Biomedical Science
BMS 301
Mark Frasier

24 September BP = systole/diastole 120/80 Systole AV valves closed Pulmonary/aortic valves open Diastole AV valves open Pulmonary/aortic valves closed Coronary arteries Arise from aortic sinus Left coronary In between pulmonary trunk and aorta ~1 inch before splitting Anterior interventricular branch A.k.a. left anterior descending (LAD) Circumflex branch Runs to posterior heart surface Right coronary Anastomoses between anterior and posterior interventricular branches can become functional with cardio exercise 67% right dominant 15% of people – posterior interventricular comes off circumflex instead – “left dominant” Venous Return from Heart Great cardiac vein On posterior of heart, changes name to coronary sinus Empties into right atrium Middle cardiac (posterior interventricular vein) empties into coronary sinus Small cardiac vein empties into coronary sinus Interventricular sulcus (indentation) between left and right ventricles Placenta Provide O ,2rid of CO (2om’s lungs) Metabolites out of fetal blood (mom’s liver) Fetus is not using i
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