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Abdomen, abdominopelvic cavity, functions of abdominal wall, muscles, inguinal canal, peritoneum

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Biomedical Science
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BMS 301
Mark Frasier

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26 September Abdomen Between thorax and pelvis Wall boundaries Superior: lower 4 ribs and costal cartilage, xiphoid process, T10 Inferior: iliac crest (laterally), pubic symphysis, L5 Abdominopelvic cavity Superior boundaries: respiratory diaphragm Inferior boundaries: pelvic diaphragm (sheet of muscle between legs, forms perineum, runs from pubic arch to ischial tuberosities, sacrotuberous ligament, and coccyx) A.k.a. pelvic outlet Divided into abdominal (superior) and pelvic (inferior) cavities Abdominal cavity Superior boundary: respiratory diaphragm Inferior boundary: pelvic inlet (imaginary plane: pubic crest → L5/S1) Contents: GI system Pelvic cavity Superior boundary: pelvic inlet Inferior boundary: pelvic outlet Contents: urogenital system Functions of abdominal wall Trunk movement (vertebral column movement) Bipedal posture Increase intrabdominal pressure Speech Respiration Urination Defecation Childbirth Vomiting Sneezing Coughing Abdominal wall muscles Nerve supply: T7- L1 Blood supply Anterior: Superior epigastric artery, lower intercostal arteries, inferior epigastric arteries (branches off external ili
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