Respiratory system, respiration, conducting zone, mucus elevator, airways, attacks on respiratory defense system, blood supply, alveoli, ventilation, pleurae

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Biomedical Science
BMS 360
Douglas Ishii

18 AprilRespiratory System Part ISingle celled vs multicellular organismsFish gillsEvolution to land vertebrates lungsFocus is normal respiratory physiology as basis for understanding its pathophysiologyRespirationExternal respiration exchange of gases between the lungs and outside airInternal respiration the exchange of gases between blood and various tissuesCellular respiration utilization of oxygen at mitochondriaOverview RespirationOrganization of airways and lungsVentilation and lung mechanicsGas exchange between alveoli and bloodGas exchange between blood and tissueTransport of oxygen and carbon dioxide in bloodControl of respirationVentilationperfusion abnormalitiesFunctions of the Respiratory SystemProvides oxygenEliminates carbon dioxideRegulates the bloods hydrogen ion concentration pH in coordination with the kidneys
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