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Lecture 3

CHEM 107 Lecture 3: CHEM 107 - Lecture 3Premium

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CHEM 107
Mallory Monique Mentele

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Fundamentals of Chemistry
Chemistry is the study of matter, it’s properties, the change that matter undergoes, and the
energy associated with those changes.
Statue of Liberty
Made of copper (matter)
Copper is shiny; yellowish color (property)
Matter anything that has mass and takes up space
Classification of Matter
Pure Substance Mixture
Element Compound Homogenous Heterogenous
Contains only one type Composed of two or
of atom more different elements that
are chemically combined
Atoms building blocks of matter
Element composed of only one kind of atom; cannot be decomposed into a simpler
Diatomic Elements
Diatomic elements naturally exist as molecules of two atoms bound together
Molecule two or more atoms chemically bound together
Diatomic elements cannot exist with only one molecule of the element, must be a pair
7 diatomic elements: hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine
Compound made up of two or more different elements; connected together
Molecules vs. Compounds
A compound is considered a molecule if it is covalently bonded (more on this later)
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