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Calculating ΔHrxn, thermochemical equation

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CHEM 111
Dana Johnson

8 December Final exam room – Chemistry A103 Announcements 2 lectures left Final model assignment Due beginning of class on Friday Can certainly turn in early ALEKS extended This week’s due date is tomorrow at 5 pm Office Hours Friday in Yates 103 Check RamCT for Finals week office hours Final Exam rooms Calculating ΔH rxn Remember, H is a state function ΔH rxns only based on intial and final states Therefore, we can picture any process for a reaction The simplest is to think of all bonds breaking then reforming This is not what actually happens but it works The ΔH formula rxn ΔH rxn ΣΔH bonds brokenH bonds formed Recall, Σ → sum of Signs are essential Clicker question If a reaction is endothermic, what does that say about the relative stability of the products vs. the reactants? A. You cannot make a statement regarding their stability. B. Products are more stable. C. Products are less stable. Low energy → more stable Endothermic → takes energy to get to products ΔH rxnexample CH (4) + 2O (g2 → CO (g) +22H O (g)
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