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The Tempest, topics/motifs, dichotomies, allegory, Dawn of Modern Science

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E 232
Sean Waters

1 November Topics/Motifs of The Tempest Being human We are players on a stage Experience Senses are sometimes deceptive Education/learning Revival of classics Repentance Forgiveness Transformation of human tradition Dichotomies Art (artifice/creation/control)/nature The civilized/the savage Reason and knowledge/ignorance Virtue/vice Nobility/degeneracy Beauty/deformity Love/lust Self-control/instinctive urge Forgiveness/revenge Stasis/transformation In what ways allegory appropriate for Medieval age? Concerned with God/soul This is beyond ability to understand, conceptions, sense experience God’s design is within things of world A doorway God is eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good Interpreted the events of this world in an other-worldly light E.g., plague – wrath of God What is the surest way of ascertaining the truth? Is science fallible? Do we need an understanding of history to be good scientists? Is scientific knowledge reliable? Is it a threat to religion? Ought we to pursue all avenues of scientific inquiry, or are there some things which are better left alone? Socrates “I know that I know nothing.” Descartes “I think, therefore I am.” Reasoning, questioning, thinking Soul is outside of time, space, has no mass Scientific method Hypothesis (must be testable, empirical) Observation Experiment Revise hy
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