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The Metamorphosis, old world vs. new world, existentialism

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E 232
Sean Waters

2 December th Modern 20 century man Travelling salesman Alone Alienation Framed magazine picture Money Forces outside of their control Calm Absurd – not frightened Surreal – dreamworld Inferiority Multiple perspectives Old world – what’s in control? God Man (elite) New world Nature/evolution Unconscious Relativity Class struggle (Marx) Distribution of money and material Arthur Schopenhauer Humans are victims of forces beyond their control Friedrich Nietzsche There is no ground for authority. “God is dead.” If we look at how we act, God is no longer a part of our lives. God is love No longer the moral compass of our society Old order New order The divine/first cause Evolution (Darwin); secular; natural law Fixed external reality Psychoanalysis/unconscious (Freud) Relativity (Einstein); unstable notions of time and space; contingency Absolute morality Relative morality Order/tradition/convention Disruption/fragmentation Elitist Democratic Rigid class, gender, racial identification Flexibility in social structures Strong familial/communal bonds Ascendant alienation Slow pace
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