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Lecture 17

HIST 120 Lecture 17: The Song Dynasty

by Linh
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HIST 120
Eli Alberts

T HE S ONG D YNASTY Lecture 18 4/5/17 CHRONOLOGY Tang Dynasty (618-907) 5 dynasties 10 kingdoms Song Dynasty (960-1279) Northern Song (960-1127) Southern Song HOW WAS THE SONG D IFFERE?T New class of scholar-officials Worldview Not based on family background and genealogy but from knowledge of Confucian canon, ethics and administrative ability More complicated bureaucracy SCHOLAR O FFICIA/G ENTRY Quote on the 11 Century Gentry was a status- not a hereditary group Intertwined relationship between emperor and senior officials D EGREES, QUALIFICATIONS & P REREQUISITES Prefectural examination (early autumn) Metropolitan examination (presented Scholar or Jinshi) 18-65 years old financial backing and high official support Palace Exam EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Women as driving force of education House teachers and clan schools Founding of local county and prefectural schools  schools established in every county and prefecture Imperial University- only for certain students, not everyone could go EXPLORING THE W ORLD W ITHIN& W ITHOUT Poetry Painting Natural philosophy Science and technology Society N ATURE AND D AILYLIFE INPAINTING 4 arts of the refined gentleman- calligraphy, painting, chess, the lute Pre-Tang era- human figure more important than nature Song paintings of mountains and rivers Sketches of Life- Capture the vitality of things N ATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE Zhu Xi’s Reflections on Things at Hand Investigation of things-“a perception of reality that can be pertained only through the study of objects, events, and behaviors in the natural world 2 Astronomy, forensic medicine, movable-type printing blocks Freedom of movement THE M ILITARYSIDE Paradox of the Song dynasty Surrounded by powerful neighbors Khitan led Liao dynasty in northeast Northern Vietnam becomes independent Jurchen/Ancestors of Manchu/Jin dynasty Song Dynasty (960-1279) Northern Song (960-1127) Southern Song (1127-1276) Liao Dynasty (907-1125) Jin
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