Ch 2 Lecture Outline

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Human Development and Family Studies
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HDFS 101
Jennifer Aberle

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Psychoanalytic Theories Sigmund Freud 21Psychosexual TheoryInternal drives and emotions influence behaviorThree Personality Typesid ego superegoSexual feelings are part of personality developmentPsychosocial Theory Erik Erikson NeoFreudian 22Psychosocial TheoryCommon cultural demands and internal drives Requires solution of a crisis Requires a favorable ratio ortoexperiencesStages Increase in ComplexityTrust vs MistrustInfantAutonomy vs Shame and Doubt ToddlerInitiative vs Guilt PreSchoolerIndustry vs Isolation GradeschoolerGenerativity vs Stagnation Middleage adultEgo Integrity vs DespairOlder adultAgesBirth to 1 year1 to 3 years3 to 6 yearsAdolescenceYoung AdulthoodLate AdulthoodLearning Theories 24Classical Conditioning Ivan PavlovLearning process that occurs through associations between environmental stimulus and naturally occurring stimulusReflex
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