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Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS 101
Jennifer Aberle

Introduction to Human DevelopmentBehaviorThinkingEmotionPersonalityPhilosophical RootsOriginal Sin Augustine of HippoHumans are born selfish and must seek spiritual rebirthDevelopmental Outcomes Individuals struggle to overcome moral actionsInnate Goodness JeanJacques RousseauEmphasis on children and basic goodness of human natureNurture and protection neededDevelopmental Outcome Childrens environment interferesThe Blank Slate John LockeEmpiricismChildren as passive recipients of their environmentDevelopmental Outcome Individual differences due to experienceEarly Scientific TheoriesCharles DarwinFirst organized study of human development EvolutionInterplay of genetics and environmental adaptationBaby Biographies detailed records of his own childrens early yearsG Stanley HallFirst scientific study of child development PsychologistEmphasis on norms or average ages at which developmental milestones occurCoined storm and stress adolescenceThe Lifespan PerspectiveImportant changes occur in each period of developmentChildren and adults experience major life passagesIncrease longevityPeople are living longer now than before Early Scientific TheoriesSystematic description of children across domains particularly in the first five years of lifeArnold GesellMaturation occurs naturally from genetically programmed sequencesUsed movie cameras oneway mirrors to note change in interaction and developmentPaul BaltesMulticontextual nature of developmentplasticity and adaptability at all ages
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