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Chap 6 Which organelle is involved in packing vesicles with transport material? Golgi apparatus What do biologist call the network of fibers in the cytoplasm that includes microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments? Cytoskeleton Plant cells have channels that move materials from one cell to another called Plasmodemata. • Animal cells lack cell wall but are covered by an elaborate extracellular matrix. ~ Support ~ Adhesion ~ Movement ~ Regulation • The ECM is made up of glycoprotein such as collagen, proteoglycans, and fibronectin. • Tight junction is like Velcro • Gap junctions • The fluid mosaic model states that a membrane is a fluid structure with a “mosaic” of various proteins embedded in it • Freeze fracture of studies of the plasma membrane supported the fluid mosaic model • Freeze fracture is a specialized preparation technique that splits a membrane along the middle • Phospholipids in the plasma membrane can move within the bilayer • Most of the lipids, and some proteins, drift laterally • Rarely does • As temperatures cool, membranes switch from a fluid state to a sloid state. • The temperature at which a membrane solidifies depends on the types o
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