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Household electricity

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Colorado State University
PH 122
Brian Jones

24 February Household electricity is grounded parallel circuits Neutral side, hot side Neutral side grounded Two wires are safe. One isn’t. You need to know which is which. The ground wire. Electrically, the same as the neutral wire. Provide an extra ground connection. The neutral wire. This side of the plug is larger, so you can’t plug it into the hot side of an electric outlet. Circuit breakers limit current, keeping wires cool The following devices are plugged into outlets on the same 120V circuit in a house. This circuit is protected with a 15 A circuit breaker. Computer: 250 W Heater: 900 W Lamp: 100 W Stereo: 120 W Is there too much current in the circuit – that is, does the circuit breaker blow? P I = ∆V = 250 W/120 V = 2.1 A 900 W/120 V = 7.5 A 100 W/120 V = 0.83 A 120 W/120 V = 1 A Total current = 11.43 It will not blow. Safety is a matter of current. Physiological effect AC current (rms) (mA) DC current (mA)
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