Sex-limited trait, sex determination, SRY gene, colorblindness, hemophilia, genomic imprinting, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome

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Colorado State University
Soil + Crop Sciences
SOCR 330
Sarah Ward

14 September Sex-Limited Trait Expression of phenotype limited to one sex In chickens, recessive allele h controls long curved tail feathers Only hh males have this phenotype hh females have short tails Sex Determination 22 pairs of autosomes 1 pair heterosomes In humans male is heterogametic sex XY Female is homogametic sex XX In birds female is XY In bees female is XX and male is XO Sex-Linked Trait Traits coded for by genes on heterosomes (X or Y chromosomes) Deviations from Mendelian inheritance patterns X-linked traits more common as X chromosome is much larger than Y SRY Gene Sex-determining region Y gene SRY in humans, Sry in mice Expression of SRY in embryo initiates development of testes Red-Green Color Blindness in Humans Commonest color vision defect Affects 8% of males but le
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