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Lecture 31

LING 1101 Lecture 31: Notes

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LING 1101
John Whitman

Lecture 31 (April 28, 2017) Whorf - hopi language with no word for “fast” → just words like “he runs very” He was looking for things he thought were missing Is it true or not that the language we speak shapes the way we perceive/remember/think about things? The findings are mostly nil No clear cognitive differences following from linguistic differences (Several people would disagree with the above statement) Experiment: Cup is on the table, cup is on the shelf (in the cupboard), cherry is in the cup Dutch has ɔ as a preposition, meaning ‘up’, would use for ‘on the table’ Finish: in the shelf and in the cup, and use ‘on’ for ‘on the table’ Dani - 2 color words Test categories for how many basic color terms Both speakers of English and Dani succeeded and failed at sorting and memory tasks Piraha (spoken in brazil) → system of numbers is ‘one, two, many’ Given tests of their ability to enumerate things Peter Gordon (psychologist at Columbia University) concludes that they are bad at math because of their language After there were more than 8, success rate went down significantly Having a large number system and maintaining it reli
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