CHLS 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pew Research Center, Standard Spanish, Narcos

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CHLS 101 TTH 930-1045
January 22, 2015
Discussion in Class:
Decrease of 36% of Hispanic pop cal from 2000-2012.
2 million Hispanics are uninsured under the age of 18.
327,008 drop-out in 2012 were white alone 243, 410 were Hispanic.
In 2012 7 million white people received food stamps, 3 million Hispanics and 4 million Black,
Asians 362,758 (the lowest number)
More female householders than male householders.
64.2% of Latino population is Mexican.
With continued docs the US population?
21%of Hispanics family less than a 9th grade education completed.
2% for white people
4% for black people
8% for Asian people
Pew Research Center (all stats come from)
Social contrast we determine what the word is.
Use to categorize people, appearance, and social contrast.
Race category changes all the time.
Related to power.
Can be used to organize.
Spanish colonial: divided into 16 groups.
Pure looded “panish people born in Spain were the top of the social society. Racial superior.
Can be made, unmade.
Irish were not considered white for many years because of social distinctions. Used for
cheap labor.
Times changes and over generations the Irish became white.
Culture groups that share food, language, etc.
Ethnic boundaries will change.
Ethnic groups are subjective to ____.
Social abstract.
Mexican, Honduran, Puerto Rican are terms that identify people because of their roots.
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find more resources at
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