CHLS 101 Lecture 10: CHLS101.2.19.15

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CHLS101 TTH 930-1045
February 19, 2015
Guest Speaker: Alfredo Carlos
Epire Theor of Migratio
Push-Pull: Something in home country pushing you out, no opportunity you get pushed out. Pulled
somewhere else here’s there’s opportuit. U.“. jos, eduatio. Lookig at pushed out ad pulled i
(Individual). (Incomplete)
Mexico U.S.
Home/No opportunity Opportunity
What causes the war?
Pulled: Active, low wage labor
Cumulative Causation: Mainstream-Obvious migration. People migration because people migrate. Know
soeod at a area. It’s a ae takes oe igrate ad otiues the ae.
How people come to migrate.
Right to stay home
Empire Theory of Migration: (Incomplete on their own)
Global Capitalism
Global Globalization
Neoliberalism: Corporate, allow capitalism to do things like people do, earn profits, Washington census.
NAFTA: 1994. North American Foreign Trade. Promoted in 1980s. Access cheap labor and cheap wage.
Liberalism: Individual rights liberty, individual liberty people have the right for it.
Neo: New-Individual corporations.
Neoliberalism: Economic idea opa’s allowed to make profits by ____ should not interfere with
1. 1990s got rid of them.
2. Prioritize
3. Privatization: get rid of public, bring private.
Decartelized: used to manufacture at one location but now in different locations due to technology.
Production send to overseas.
Has an effect in U.S.
NAFTA: Going on for about 150 years-since Portillo Diaz.
NTO/GAIT: World Trade Organization
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